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We will build you a Service with Data, through Innovation.
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Like with the Golden Gate bridge, our improvements start when they finish, and our maintenance is continuous. Help us improve and see how we evolve over time.


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What is open truss?

open truss is a forward-driven consultancy hub built upon three concepts: Data, Innovation and Services. It’s the result of our cumulative experiences as engineers in the business world. We believe that the future of resource allocation for enterprises is skill-based service providing.

Why open truss?

The simplest truss is the triangle. One by one we will build a strong truss starting with your raw Data, utilizing ruthless Innovation to improve and find new Services for your organization.

Interacting with the content we curated on this website will help you realize how our capabilities could integrate with your business strategy.

Fast Service Innovation with Data you didn’t know you had.

80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

– E. Murphy & M. Murphy, Leading on the Edge of Chaos


We will guide you through basic actionable steps to improve your understanding of the data in your organization, while you build the knowledge to replicate those steps by yourself.



Like water or electricity, data has become a commodity. We all have it, but we are not really sure on how to define it or measure it, or what if what we are doing with it is all we can take advantage of.

It’s not only about ones and zeros. From invoices and orders to surveys, text messages, emails or complaints, data takes multiple forms that are often easily connected to each other. Discovering those sources and helping you get hands on into it via digital technologies is where my expertise takes place. Bringing them online will ignite your new engine of growth.

Data becomes big, not because of burden but because of value!



We will cover these 4 stages first:

1. Identification Discover and map new and existing sources of Data. . Process Mapping . Current Re-sources Optimization

2. Validation Verify the quality and quantity of the findings. . Data Cleansing by Dimension and Set Size . Data Validation by Dimension and Set Size

3. Enhancement Generate new sets of richer Data. . New Data Sets Generation . Data Synergies Implementation

4. Activation Identify touchpoints to optimize with the enhanced Data. . New Process Integration . Dashboard Design and Implementation


We will introduce proven disruption practices into your innovation culture, of course, with the map provided by the Data diagnosis.



What do you let yourself get away with not knowing or not getting right? What should you know about your business that you don’t know yet? Or that you only know a little bit about, not enough about? Once the readiness measures are in place, we will, together, extract specific verticals in which quickly intervene to steer your bottom line into higher ground, nimbly.

At this stage Data becomes information to drive change.

By mapping those processes and improving the technology that enables them, analog and digital, we will draw concrete plans to take action AROUND your existing strategy.

I’m talking about the essentials of your industry, those that some competitor already disrupted or those you envision to reach at some point. We will get there, together, in less than the shortest cycle of your business.

These are some of the methodologies we will benefit from:

The Art of Innovation | Function Follows Form | Flow in Processes | Round-Robin Brainstorming | Design Thinking | Analytics Gymnastics | Data Driven Decision Making


We will build a longer, far-reaching plan to adapt the new shape of your process to your goals.




Like any bridge, the innovations that your data allows will serve specific internal and external customers. Backed up by a year of proven results, and probably not before, we will build, together, your next strategy and tactics.

Once you have improved your Innovation skills, you will see how Data allows you to get where you never thought you could.

We will be able to introduce:

Innovation Driven Growth | Projectized Organization Structure | Project Portfolio Management | Data-Balanced Scorecard | Disruption Management Office | Support and Marketing Automation Implementation | Customer Omnichannel Reach


In control of your algorithms

I am a data scientist and so are you.

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To Daniel, success equals learning. He began his education at the National University of Colombia where he received his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. He then started his career at the largest automotive company in the country, GM Colmotores. Always under the aftersales branch, he held various positions that helped him learn the in’s & out’s of customer management, first in the technical side of customer care, followed by business intelligence & sales. He finished his 6 years there developing new business opportunities. As a project manager, Daniel was in charge of transforming the service model in dealerships – translating a client-based culture born in Brazil to the Colombian landscape. This consisted of revamping old methodologies & service principles, using the largest SaaS (software as a service) provider in the world.

Looking to expand his knowledge, and to bring innovation to businesses in Colombia, he received his Master’s of Science in Management of Technology from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in 2014. Upon graduation, he was employed with NYU, heading the omnichannel development for prospective students of the online graduate programs at the Tandon School of Engineering.

In 2016, Daniel decided to return to Colombia and put into practice his knowledge and experiences at open truss. He combines corporate-scale operations with a skillful approach to reach large audiences in extraordinary time. His high tolerance for uncertainty, paired with his skillful planning, shapes him into the perfect guide for your journey from Data into Services, through Innovation.

Born in 1984 in Garagoa, Boyacá, he has lived in Tunja, Bogotá and New York City, as well as traveled all over the globe. Running, reading and discovering new music make him happy.

Seeing: Netflix’s Girl Boss | Reading: Sun Tzu’s The Art of War | Listening to: R. Semler’s podcast Leading Wisely and my Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist
Websites I recommend: AIexperiments.withgoogle.comxkcd.comNYC Landmarks MapFiveThirtyEightGapminder.org

He became fascinated by architects like Louis Sullivan, who stripped the veneer off their buildings and let the strength of their construction shine through.

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The true object of all human life is play.

G.K. Chesterton

I do know this, movement beats meditation any day.

Gary Halbert

Let the dataset change your mindset.

Hans Rosling

Paying attention will be the most valuable asset of the future.

Antanas Mockus

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a ball and a bat cost $1.10
the bat costs $1.00 more than the ball
how much does the ball cost?

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