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Three essential triangles.

Eduardo Salles, co-founder and director of Pictoline closed CLIC (latin america’s congress for innovation and creativity) last friday with a list. Because, how else? It was a very well structured list of advices for entrepreneurs. The last one from the list “7. Try to solve problems that affect you” resonated with me the most.

It was delightful to experience the way latin americans tackle many issues from a wide range of avenues. Musicians, teachers, activists, djs, politicians, social workers, producers, biologists, designers, advertisers and marketers, all mingled to share how they found and find inspiration to create and keep going. It was stimulating at many levels but that last item on his list validates my venture.

Every speech puzzled me with the same question: Is my idea novel enough, needed, valid? Although too soon to say if the current structure I propose to bridge the gap is adequate (I know many iterations will be needed) I know the problem I want solve is there, and I know it affects me, as I have experienced it and I want to help others in solving it: improved experiences for customers, provided by the power of data.

It was also good to see how many Colombians create for Colombians thinking about Colombia and our specific needs, and how those initiatives transcend the blurred lines of maps and generate a dent in the world, with heart and ambition. I am proud to be one of them, and only hope to be one day sharing my experience, setting the example for others to come.

The presence of Antanas Mockus, a very influential figure in Bogotá’s and Colombia’s history, a genius of cultural influence, was the sole motive I decided to attend. Of course, he didn’t disappoint. Here is his first (of many) teaching: “Paying attention will be the most valuable asset of the future”. Although it might sound obvious, he weaved this seemingly simple statement with how he has used codes and symbolism to convey meaningful messages and generate change. He was the one who helped me distill what I will implement into my project from these 2 days of learning: video, a VR experience.

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