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20/20 vision

by | Aug 12, 2017 | Data, Innovation, Services | 0 comments

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Using analogies to help find my last client their digital transformation path has proven very insightful.

Although a highly forward-thinking organization, as expected, their quantitative control of their business is inexistent. However, the expertise accumulated over several previous transitions, demanded by their market, their customers, and themselves, provides a rich foundation to establish data-focused goals, with their respective KPIs, all in the search of a short way to tangible results.

That is because, of course, I do not work without a map, a compass, and a destination, a goal and a time frame that we will agree to reach together. Without it, all efforts are dubious and all investment deemed excessive. With it, every day leaves something that contributes towards it. By not reaching it, we will look back and reiterate, adjusting and advancing. Also, I don’t get paid if we don’t reach it, because that’s the fairway.

After four discovery sessions and four weeks of working around the data they already have, the uses they give to it and the processes and technologies in place to manage it, I proposed that, as with a working human body, we will run tests that will return results to let us know where the organization is strong, and where the situation is more delicate, and action is urgent.

🔬 We will run scans and take X rays. We will measure the business intake and how it spends its energy and we will check how it sleeps. We will see how it endures activity demand and how well it recovers from strain demands. We will produce a complete report of the organization’s health, including intelligence and innovation quotients. The eyes being, not the only, but arguably the richest source of human data are the perfect place to start the surveying.

Similar to a new patient at an eye center, the onboarding comprehensive exam sustained Visual Acuity, Color Blindness and Cover Test, that mainly required the answering of questions while going through their business model. It’s always good when they can realize their own deficiencies, in how much detail can they see, with what definition, and if all members of the organization see their business standards equally. Just by finding such differences, action plans were automatically in place. Also, while performing these, we got a hint of more advanced tests, such as Ocular Motility or Depth Perception that helps foresee if change is possible and how fast can they attain it.

It was glad to learn that their positive approach to change and innovation, although early-apprehensive and ever risk-aware, let the discovery flow like with a patient willing to endure Pupil Dilation. Now that we have gathered certain knowledge of their business model as a whole, and that several sources of their data are being processed to complete that quantitative picture of the organization, we can now propose paths to follow to achieve the most urgent improvements, with clear goals in mind.

We will see if the patient needs glasses, or surgery, but one thing is always certain: things will only get worse before they get better. Because it is supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. So far, the road is not congested. The goal is not yet clear, but I feel we are getting closer to that vantage point where we will see our destination 🗺. Δ

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