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7 photos taken with 7 twitter data visualization tools: 1 for each year

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Data | 0 comments

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I joined twitter on a Sunday, 7 years ago (August 29th at 13:42:23, 2010). I know because only this year I got a notification, from twitter, to tweet about it using #MyTwitterAnniversary. I didn’t.

Instead, I used 7 visualization tools to take 7 pictures of my activity over the years. Each proposed a question or provided an insight.

First, some raw numbers: I’ve tweeted 5,044 times and followed 1,548 accounts (230 ‘inactive’, with no activity within the last 6 months). Only 160 of them follow me back and I follow a total of 401. I’ve blocked 29 individuals. I’ve liked 1,866 tweets. I don’t follow any lists, and I am only part of 1 (not a useful tool, apparently, or at least one I never cared to learn to use). I have not created any moments so far.

Let’s explore the data:

1. tweepsmap. I wonder if my followers in Japan🇯🇵 and South Africa🇿🇦 remember me? 🤔

2. audiense. None of the last 20 accounts I followed returned the follow. Evidently, not a quid pro quo scenario. 😐

3. keyhole. At #BusinessAutomation, we need to start making things happen in a future perfect continuous tense. The wordcloud is not flattering. 😵

4. twitonomy. My retweets ARE endorsements. Also, I used to tweet less frequently, but more each day, perhaps because doing so, motivated me to keep running. I run more now and don’t have the need to share it. 😎

5. Twittercounter. I need to investigate what happened on November 18th, last year. Although it looks like twitter massively shut down bots, as I stopped following 100 accounts, I also gained 41 followers that day. Odd. Also, I am top 30 million on the worldwide rank, you should follow me. This is one of the most interesting reports I found. 🙃 (it’s not free)

6. Visible Tweets animates twitter activity based on a query (users, #s, and the like). Although unfiltered, it can prove useful in certain settings. You learn something everyday. 🤓

7. Mentionmap. Navigating the connections in your network, based in the people you mention/retweet, and the hashtags you use expands how you connect to other content and how those degrees of separation influence the way you think. This tool is a good first measure of my media bubble. Now that I can see it, it should be easier for me to burst it! 😃

You should try each with your account. I guarantee you will learn something about yourself in the process. My recommendation? Mentionmap. Δ

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