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What product or service do you sell?

Time. I will dedicate my knowledge and experience in building omnichanel frameworks to customer reach to your advantage. I offer flexibility in the way we engage, to fit your budget, schedule and scope as much as possible.

What do you do?

Connections. I’ll build a bridge (of processes and technologies) for you to reach your goals, leveraging your existing competitive advantage. When we decide to work together, your goals become my goals. Your Data applied in Innovative ways into Services for your internal and external customers will become the founding truss upon which you will build your customer relationships. I will become the coauthor of your business technology stack.

How do you do it?

I will work with you for free to understand your goals and to diagnose your current skills to achieve them. Then, I will guide you to improve and implement the processes needed. I will start with your Data and will suggest a fast trial-an-error stage to implement the best cost-effective and sustainable technologies out here. I will provide the connections with the vendors of those technologies, for you to excel at your business utilizing those new Services. Also, I will make sure your organization is able to keep those partnerships functional and ever improving.

What don’t you do?

I will not develop or provide any tool or technology. I won’t be biased or endorsed a specific technology provider. If I get benefits from choosing one, I will pass those benefits to you.

Why should I listen to you?

Quoting Ben Settle: “You should listen to me simply to disqualify me as someone worth listening to.” By listening to my perspective about your business you might get some new hindsight to evaluate other offerings. I also share lessons from other industries that I encourage you to try to decompose and implement in yours.

What experience do you have?

I have been working in business automation for the last 6 years. My approach encompasses practicality, commitment and innovative thinking. From academia, large enterprises and small business I’ve drawn certain traits of what makes a successful outreach plan for customers. I am constantly experimenting. I can

How do I contact you?

You can be proactive and send me specific questions, or join my daily email list and vicariously see what I have to offer. The latter might provide information to spark unexpected actions. The former will get us one step closer to your goals.

Where do you operate?

Even though I’ll prefer to meet physically at least at the beginning and the end of our engagement, we could achieve our goals through virtual work. That being said, I operate anywhere in the world.


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